What You Need To Know About L Theanine

What You Need To Know About L Theanine

L Theanine Powder

What You Need To Know About L Theanine

Can you think of any aspect of your life that doesn’t require proper focus? Even the simplest and the most adored aspect of our life, sleeping also requires our focus in order to rest well.

As humans, we have limitations. Not everyone has the same ability to concentrate for long periods of time or the most optimal memory, however, there are solutions to some of these issues out there, and luckily we have a solution in the form of L Theanine powder, which is a result of several, brilliant scientific discoveries.

Back in the 1940s, neuroscientists in Japan made the incredible discovery that L Theanine could help improve focus, memory, alertness and other factors related to our cognitive performance.

Ever since the term Nootropics was coined, compounds such as L Theanine have been used widely in order to help people suffering from short-term memory, poor focus & concentration, and have proven to be quite helpful.

In fact, you may be consuming nootropics every day without realizing. A very common beverage that we consume almost on a daily basis contains a high amount of L Theanine. That common beverage is “Tea” (Green tea or Black tea). Did you also know, L Theanine can be easily combined with other common drinks, such as coffee to produce an even more powerful nootropic? 

So, what is L Theanine?

L Theanine is a powerful amino acid and a nootropic compound that is present in Black tea and Green tea. This compound has been known and proven to have significant anti-anxiety & relaxation effects on the human body. L Theanine promotes and delivers these effects & more without causing any side effects such as drowsiness. This makes it the perfect compound to turn to if you want to increase your focus & attention span whilst also wanting to minimize any anxiety issues.        

How does L Theanine improve your Brain Function?

L Theanine works in three different ways, these include:

Boosts Neurotransmitters 

GABA aka (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a neurotransmitter that is present in our brain that is directly related to anti-anxiety. It is also responsible for promoting better sleep and reducing inflammation.

Several studies have shown that L Theanine plays a significant role in enhancing GABA as well as dopamine and serotonin levels in our brain. This increase allows our brain to function optimally as well as promotes a state of relaxation, induces better sleep and reduce stress levels.

Controls Acetylcholine & Glutamate Levels

The primary cause of anxiety and stress is due to the fact that our brain releases excess excitatory chemicals in the form of Acetylcholine and glutamate. L Theanine has been shown to minimize the release of these excitatory chemicals, which helps promote a relaxed, zen-like state.

Alpha Brain Waves Catalysts

Have you ever wondered where all that innovative and unique ideas & solutions come from? Well, that’s all thanks to Alpha Brain Waves. It is solely responsible for promoting creativity and also enabling you to perform at your optimum level.

That being said you should grab anything that has the slightest hint of promoting your Alpha Brain Waves, and L-Theanine does exactly that. Several studies have been conducted to understand how this works.

The experiment was conducted on various participants, and it showed that L-Theanine showed a significant result in increasing  Alpha Brain Waves within 30 minutes of consumption. Also, the effect was dose-dependent; meaning, more dose gave faster and better results.

Apart from improving our brain performance, L-Theanine also has five major health benefits.

L Theanine Works as an Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Stress tonic

As mentioned, L Theanine works as the ultimate adversary to excitatory chemicals such as glutamic acid or glutamate. It’s like Kryptonite to our brains excitatory gland that promotes stress and anxiety. Several studies have already addressed this point, combining that with the fact that L-Theanine achieves all this without any side effects makes it a stand-out from all other types of anti-anxiety nootropics.

L Theanine  improves the overall Cognitive Performance and Stimulates Brain Function 

Anything that is related to stress cannot be good for our health. Whether it is the action or situations which causes us to panic or the situations that arise due to it. It hampers our brain from making any logical conclusions.

Several tests were conducted to observe the effects of L Theanine on our brain’s ability to support cognitive functions, and the result was more than satisfactory. Results showed that it increased levels of concentration in subjects, which was primarily due to its stress relieving properties.

L Theanine may reduce the frequency and severity of Strokes

The primary reason that strokes occur,  is due to insufficient blood flow to our brain. The aftermath of a stroke can be severe in most cases, but recent studies have proven that L Theanine possesses certain properties such as increasing the formation of nitric oxide, which is believed to assist in the prevention & occurrence of Strokes or at least reduce their frequency.

L-Theanine may reduce the symptoms of Schizophrenia

If you watch a lot of movies, you may be familiar with “split personality” disorder. A person suffering from this experiences hallucinations and develops multiple personalities (as in different person). Studies have shown that 400 mg of L-Theanine per day reduces the symptoms of Schizophrenia by a significant amount.

Effects of Coffee Combined with L Theanine

Drinking coffee to enable ourselves to stay awake and most importantly to stay focused is not a new concept. But did you know that combining it with L-Theanine can produce a much more potent nootropic effect? and there have been studies to support this claim.

A combination of 150mg caffeine with 20mg of L Theanine produced: 

    • Increased alertness
    • Enhanced response time
    • Increased memory span
  • Reduced  fatigue and headaches

New studies have also shown that L Theanine combined with green tea can yield more benefits. This is because green tea can reduce the secretion of Serotonin and produces a much more relaxed and focused feeling.

How much L Theanine to produce a significant effect?

There are a lot of external factors that contribute to the effectiveness of L-Theanine. These include:

    • Height
    • Weight
    • Age
  • Natural tolerance limits

The dosage will primarily depend on the above factors, so it is always recommended to take advice from your doctor before deciding on the dosage.

It is best if you start with small dosage around 50mg and work your way up depending on your tolerance & it’s effectiveness. The best-recommended dosage suggested by several studies is to consume 100-200mg once or twice per day.

Apart from combining L Theanine with your coffee or tea, you can also consume L Theanine supplements like Nootropic Source’s L Theanine Powder.

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  • So L-Theanine with caffeine is good?
    I get up @ 3am for work most days, How much should I take in the morning OR should I wait till later in day?

  • Anyone else experiencing tolerance issues when taking 250mg of L-Theanine daily for more than 1-2 weeks?


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