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What is Sulbutiamine

Sulbutiamine is a fat-soluble derivative of thiamine. It is considered a nootropic and antioxidant and is used in France to reduce fatigue. It also stimulates gut activity, improves muscle weakness, boosts memory, and protects the brain. Sulbutiamine is synthetically produced and is made by binding 2 vitamin B1 molecules together. Sulbutiamine is more fat soluble than thiamine, allowing it to pass to the brain easier (cross the blood-brain barrier)

Sulbutiamine Capsules uses and benefits

Sulbutiamine has a number of mechanisms of action including:

  • Increases thiamine (and thiamine derivative) levels more than thiamine itself.
  • Increases dopamine (D1) and glutamate activity in decision-making regions of the brain (such as the prefrontal cortex)
  • Boosts attention and mood (by changing how glutamate acts on dopamine)
  • Reduces cell death in the brain (by increasing glutathione)
  • Increases energy use in the brain (by increasing thiamine triphosphate)
  • Improves memory formation (by increasing activity in the hippocampus)

Some benefits of Sulbutiamine include:

Sulbutiamine Boosts Energy

In a study of 1,772 patients (non-randomised) with infections and chronic fatigue, sulbutiamine (200mg twice a day) for two weeks (along with anti-infective treatment) helped with low energy. Fifty-two percent of the patients felt a significant boost in mood and energy

Sulbutiamine Improves Memory

Sulbutiamine improved long-term memory in rats. This is a result of boosting neurotransmitters (such as choline), which may increase memory retention in humans too

Sulbutiamine May Protect the Brain

Nutrient-deprived brain cells treated with sulbutiamine lived much longer than cells that weren’t treated.

Additionally, sulbutiamine improved the lifespan of brain cells that were deprived of oxygen and sugar. It also increased activity in the memory-forming part of the brain (hippocampus)

Sulbutiamine Capsules Dosage

As a dietary supplement take two capsules (200mg) once or twice daily or as directed by your medical professional.

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