Panax Ginseng (5% Ginsenosides) Capsules



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Panax Ginseng (5% Ginsenosides) Capsules

What is Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng has been used medicinally for over 5000 years and is considered a tonic in Chinese Herbal Medicine. As arguably one of the world’s most powerful adaptogenic herbs, ginseng has an outstanding capacity to support the body in achieving natural homeostatic balance.

Panax ginseng has shown potential for improving cognitive health and mental processes. Research has also found that ginsenosides in ginseng may be responsible for improving maintenance processes in your neurons while supporting cognitive performance & function. One study suggested that Panax ginseng has the potential to improve performance in tasks requiring high levels of cognitive function for prolonged periods of time. Panax ginseng has been shown to improve both spatial and working memory.

Ginseng & Sexual Performance

In a DB-RCT of 45 men with erectile dysfunction, 900 mg, 3x/day Korean red ginseng boosted sexual performance. 60% of the patients had improved erections, making ginseng an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. In another study with 90 men, it had the same efficacy rate but 30% of the placebo group also saw improvements 

Heart Health

In an RCT with 50 heart attack patients, 3 g/day red ginseng following heart surgery increased circulating angiogenic cell action (cells that make new blood vessels) and reduced inflammation levels, indicating improved blood flow

Brain Function

In a DB trial of 27 healthy adults, 200 mg of G115, a ginseng supplement, boosted performance on a math task and reduced mental fatigue. Another DB trial of 30 people had mixed results. Those taking 200 mg of G115 had a slower response on a mental task but 400 mg improved mood and performance on a mental task

Panax Ginseng Dosage

Take one 500mg capsule of Panax Ginseng with or before meals

Where to buy Panax Ginseng

Nootropic Source Australia stocks high quality, third-party verified Panax Ginseng in both powder and capsule form. You can view our wide range of Nootropic Capsules & Powders via our online store.

Dimensions 17 × 2 × 14 cm

60 Capsules, 120 Capsules


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