Mugwort Extract Powder



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Mugwort Extract Powder (50g)

Mugwort extract powder has been used for thousands of years and has long been considered one of the most powerful nootropic herbs nature provides. It is used by many to enhance the dream experience, making dreams much more vivid, creative, and easier to recall. It is also often used to aid digestion and so is often taken with meals or to ease bloating and discomfort. Mugwort is helpful in elevating your mood and may be taken when you are feeling frustrated, tired, or stressed. It is also often taken for its calming and relaxing properties.

Benefits of Mugwort Extract Powder

Mugwort has a range of well-documented benefits, these include:

Improves Dream & Memory Recall

For centuries, mugwort tea was praised for its “psychic” and even “hallucinogenic” properties and has long been used to stimulate vivid dreams.  It is purportedly able to help you remember dreams as well, and experience those rare lucid dreams that are so few and far between.

Aids Digestion

Studies have shown that Mugwort has the ability to improve digestion. The bitter properties stimulate digestive secretions, improving food breakdown and nutrient absorption. This translates to better health and energy, and may even reduce cravings that result from nutritional deficiencies

Diuretic Properties

The diuretic properties of mugwort tea mean that it stimulates urination, which is believed to be the body’s best means of eliminating toxins. Mugwort tea is also linked to cleansing the kidneys and bladder, potentially reducing the chances of infection.

Where to Buy Mugwort Extract Powder

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