Artichoke Extract Powder (2.5%)



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Artichoke Extract

Artichoke Extract is an antioxidant-packed superfood that possesses a plethora of potential benefits, research has shown us that Artichoke Extract may provide potent nootropic effects*, these include:

  • Artichoke Extract may assist with Oxidative Stress: Studies show that Artichoke extract may have potential benefits in assisting oxidative stress in the human body, Cynaropicrin a major bioactive chemical in globe artichoke extract is shown to reduce oxidative damage caused by UV rays and protects the skin*
  • Artichoke Extract helps support the Liver: Ongoing research seems to indicate that artichoke indeed has medicinal qualities. Most significant appears to be its beneficial effect on the liver. In animal studies, liquid extracts of the roots and leaves of artichoke have demonstrated an ability to protect the liver, with possibly even to help liver cells regenerate*
  • Artichoke Extract & Lead Toxicity: Artichoke Extract has been shown in rat model studies to help protect against lead toxicity.

Suggested Usage

Scientific studies suggest a dosage of 300mg was sufficient in producing an ideal response.


Artichoke Extract Powder 2.5%


Store in a cool, dry dark place

Please note:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a medical practitioner before using any dietary supplement

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