Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is Nootropic Source able to offer such low prices?
    Nootropic Source offers prices lower than others due to our unique distribution agreements. We are also distributors for some of the top online retailers. This gives us an advantageous market position. Our vertical integration and high volume enable us to lower prices much more effectively than the competition.


  • I forgot to Enter My Discount Code Can you Apply it for me?
    Unfortunately, we cannot apply discounts after your order is placed. You can use the code on your next order.


  • Why is my Order on Hold?
    All orders go through our fraud detection system to ensure a safe and secure shopping environment. If we have any issues we will reach out to you directly. This pertains to all orders and every customer.
  • What happens if my product is damaged in transit?
    The post office does a great job with millions of packages, on occasion, a package may encounter being mishandled. If you are the unlikely recipient of such a misfortune, please contact us immediately with:
    1. Your order number in the subject line –Shorted/Damaged
      • Ex: ORDER#123456 – Shorted/Damaged
    2. Clear and visible Photo documentation of the following:
      • Packaging
      • Paper insert
      • Packing slip (if applicable)
      • Product
    3. Please ensure step 2 is complete
    4. Send an email to
    Please ensure all steps are complete prior to emailing Nootropic Source. This will ensure your request receives a response in a timely manner. If we do not receive all the proper information outlined above, we will not be able to remedy the situation quickly. We understand that the situation is unfortunate; we stand by our product and commitment to our customers. Please Note: We document all claims and review them prior to providing a resolution 
  • How do I track my Package?
    To track your order please visit our Order Tracking page