8 Health Benefits of Theobromine

8 Health Benefits of Theobromine

Benefits of Theobromine

In recent times, the love for chocolate and its consumption has uncovered a variety of health benefits. Recent discoveries suggest that theobromine, one of the most famous chemical compounds found in chocolate, has a lot more to it than meets the eye in terms of our mental an physical health.

Theobromine is a chemical compound found in high concentrations in the cacao bean. It is also found in other food items such as coffee beans,
Guarana, Yerba Mate, Kola Nuts and some tea leaves. Theobromine is most notably found in its highest quantity in dark chocolate. This is due to the fact the cacao content is higher in dark chocolate than it is in milk chocolate.

Although there is no dietary requirement for Theobromine, research has shown that it has a number of beneficial uses to the human body. Let’s explore some of the potential health benefits of Theobromine.


Research suggests that theobromine has stimulant and relaxing effects which may help promote the healthy condition of the heart in several ways. Theobromine naturally dilates constricted blood vessels and is very therapeutic in treating high blood pressure. It lowers blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Clinical trials have shown that theobromine can reduce “bad” cholesterol and improve “good” cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Generally, theobromine also support a healthy heart as it enhances the flow and circulation of blood throughout the body.


Theobromine is considered a powerful stimulant with similar structure and effect like caffeine, causing stimulation of the heart and nervous system. Consistent consumption of theobromine helps increase both physical and mental energy. The stimulant effect of theobromine on the human body is most likely to be milder and last longer than that of caffeine.


Due to the stimulant effect of theobromine, it improves concentration, focus, mental alertness, and a boost in brain function. This is due to its ability to enhance the flow of blood to the brain.

In a 30-patient study, cocoa-based drinks with varying amounts of theobromine and other chocolate components called flavanols were consumed. As these flavanols took effect, participants had improved performance on mental tasks and reduced mental fatigue.


It is also worth mentioning that theobromine can naturally improve and protect tooth enamel from erosion. Various researches have shown that a theobromine solution increases the surface hardness of tooth enamel. Theobromine is known to put up a strong defense against tooth decay. It is also sometimes considered a better alternative and a more potent cavity fighter than fluoride found in toothpaste and mouthwashes.


Research has shown that the consumption of theobromine may result in mood boost and a strong feeling of calmness. Theobromine has also contributed to greater relaxation and more restful sleep. Indulging in high-quality chocolate is a sure-fire way to set the mood for good relaxing time.


Theobromine is a safe and natural alternative for the prevention and suppression of cough. Theobromine can reduce coughing and asthmatic episodes by opening up the airways to the lungs.


There is mounting evidence that theobromine may have the ability to widen airways and relax smooth muscle tissue throughout the body. Its diffusion in lung substructures is higher and more effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases.


The stimulant effect of theobromine can suppress appetite and help in weight loss. The chemical analysis of weight loss products shows that the theobromine component in chocolate is a natural substance that reduces hunger and craving for food. It induces weight loss by breaking down fat in the body. Theobromine provides energy for physical activity as well as shed water weight.


One of the great benefits of theobromine is its ability to remove toxins in the body. Theobromine widens the blood vessels and helps the body increase the flow and circulation of blood in the body. Through the widening of the blood vessels, the excess fluid is collected in blood vessels and removed from the body system as urine. It allows the body to filter out and remove toxins. Theobromine found in chocolate is very useful in eliminating fluid accumulation in the body due to high blood pressure through increased urination.


Theobromine is a compound with impressive health benefits. It is not advisable to use in large doses for an extended period of time. As with other stimulants like caffeine, excessive intake of theobromine may have some undesirable side effects like headaches, sweating, and shaking. Nevertheless, if theobromine is consumed via moderate consumption of chocolate, it may act as powerful addition to any nootropic stack.

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